Voices for Children

Voices for Children

Our mission is to provide support and advocacy
for the abused, neglected, and abandoned
children in our community.

Florida’s First Courthouse Dog

voices for children - tibet courthouse dog

Tibet will be living and working in Hillsborough County with her handler and Guardian ad Litem volunteer, Brenda Kocher.  Tibet will provide comfort and solace to the abused, abandoned, and neglected children in Hillsborough County as they face the uncertainty of dependency court.  She will join the children and provide comfort during statements, testimony, trial preparations, and much more.

We are proud to sponsor Tibet and the incredible work she will do for our children, but we can’t do it without support from our community partners.

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Children who have a GAL Volunteer…

 Do Better in School

 Are 50% Less Likely to Return to Foster Care

 Have Fewer Placement Changes

 Receive More Services

 Are More Likely to be Adopted

 Spend Less Time in Foster Care

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