Courthouse Facility Dog Program

A Dogumentary about Tibet, Florida's First Courthouse Facility Dog

The mission of the Courthouse Facility Dog Program of Voices for Children is to champion justice with support through trained courthouse facility dogs and to provide emotional support for the abused, neglected and abandoned children who are facing the dependency court system during stressful and difficult proceedings.

About our Program: Tibet and Lorne were both purposely bred by Canine Companions for Independence. Their training started in infancy with intentional and strategic early life experiences to prepare them for life as a working assistance dog.

Since beginning work in February 2014, Tibet has assisted in courtroom testimony, forensic interviews, depositions, forensic medical exams, sexual assault exams and human trafficking cases.  Brenda Kocher is a trained Guardian ad Litem volunteer and Tibet’s full time handler.  As of February 2020, Tibet is joined by her counterpart, Lorne.  Her handler, Dayle Urquhart, is also a trained Guardian ad Litem volunteer.  Tibet and Lorne help to calm traumatized children, so they can find their voice and share what happened to them.  It is our desire to provide the safest and highest level of care to the vulnerable child victims of abuse, abandonment and neglect. Periodically, Tibet and Lorne will report to CCI for testing and public access re-certification.

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